Fishing the Kenai for Rainbows and Sockeye (Red) Salmon


As a "warm-up" for our Kanektok trip we took a day to fish the Kenai river and see some of the Kenai peninsula. This is one of the world's most famous fly fishing destinations and we weren't disappointed. The water is a distinctive blue from the glacial till it carries


We floated the Kenai in a Mackenzie boat, with four clients  and a single guide. This required coordinated casting from the people on each side of the boat, something we didn't quite master. Only short flips were required. In anticipation of the rest of our fishing week, we had overcast and fog, though little overt rain. It was great weather for fishing. It was much more crowded than we'd see on the Kanaktok, with "combat zone" fishing in prime spots close to the road.


We got a couple quick hits on the rainbows, which buoyed our spirits substantially-- We weren't going to get skunked in Alaska!!



Adam bags his first red-- a fish of substance, fresh from the ocean. We'd see the reds again on the Kanektok at a much later stage of their spawning progression.

This was a beautiful area of the country, with many animals, plants and birds.





At the Russian river falls, near the junction with the Kenai Adam managed to catch this guy in the act of a heroic jump. There were no bears fishing the falls during our visit, but they are often there. Watching the fish navigate this cataract it was astonishing to think how many fish swim so far, through so many difficulties in order to reproduce.

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