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Tanzania Safari 2009

nursing baby elephant in Ngorogoro Crater

elephants in multiple sizes!

OK Junior, here's how to flap those wings if you really want to fly

Jean's first wild giraffe in Nairobi National Park

Rhinos standing about 30 feet from the jeep in Nairobi National Park

Baby giaraffe standing in the road. You can see that this national park abuts the suburbs of Nairobi

Our first night in Tanzania is spent at the African Tulip Hotel in Arusha, owned by Roy Safaris

Roy Safari staff in the lounge at the Tulip. From left to right, Brian the sales guy, Salvatory, our driver & guide, and the operations director. whose name I've forgotten

Arusha shoppers

Arusha. Everyone in Tanzania carries plastic water containers.

Homemade wooden wheelbarrows using old car tires or bike tires are a common sight.

Fresh Chicken, anyone? Arusha TZ

Ladies selecting veggies. Arusha TZ

This newly constructed visitor center was donated by a Japanese company. It is not yet in use. Arusha TZ

Typical storefronts. Pepsi and Coke advertising can be seen in many small towns. TZ

The local Home Depot. TZ

Our driver called this an African Christmas Tree. It flowers just before the holiday season. Many of the folks here were converted to Christianity by missionaries and Xmas is celebrated.

Yes, those are camels. They were imported by local entreprenuers. TZ

A baobab tree! They were just getting white blossoms because the short rains had started. Nov 09 TZ

A Masai values his cows above all else. Cows have the right of way.

Tourist shops like this line the few paved roads. TZ people like really bright colors.

This is a modern house, built of block in a rectangular shape with a metal roof.

A Small town market

Bikes are used to transport huge loads.

The area around Lake Manyara is a banana growing region.

Baboon on a baobab tree at the entrance gate of Lake Manyara NP. TZ

These red clothes are worn by the Masai, who favor red above all colors.

Banana lady next to the road.

Topo map of the NP

Jean in a garden at Lake Manyara NP

Termites like to build their mounds around a yummy tree.

At Lake Manyare, sitting next to the road

Roger's first elephant. standing in a creek below the road.

A Broad-billed Roller, a rare bird that our driver, Tory, rarely sees. Lake Manyara

The hippo pool at Lake Manyara

A Masai giraffe bull.

A male blue monkey

Maternal bliss at Lake Manyara

At our lunch stop, Lake Manyara Lodge, we see our first turtle, who was not happy to see us.

An ogama lizard. They are common and quite fearless

The view from the pool at Lake Manyara Lodge.

Traditional round houses with grass roof.

Blooming wildflowers at Lake Manyara NP

Our tent cabin at Kirumu tented camp outside of Lake Manyara NP. It has a flush toilet and a shower.

The open air dining room at Kirumu camp

Flowers of the Christmas Tree.

People walk immense distances here. They are glad to have a ride of any kind

Our first view of Ngorongoro crater. Jean with driver Tory.

The interior of an large collapsed volcano which has formed a little ecosystem.

A Bee-Eater Bird

These lavendar-colored tall flowers grow by the thousands in Ngorongoro.

Elephants on the crater rim.

A masai boma. Note the cattle corral made of thorny bushes

This is Oldupai valley in the Great Rift where the Leakeys discovered remains of very early humans.

We arrive at the Serengeti


The park fees are very high, but this is a big source of income for this very poor country

Serengeti is the Masai word for endless plains.

In the Serengeti plain, little islands of rock create protective habitates for many animals.

Lions like to sit on the top and look for herds.

Hyena crosses the road

A pair of Honey Badgers living in an old Termite mound.

The lounge at the Serengeti Sopa Lodge

We were incredibly lucky that the migration of Wildebeasts was in full swing when we arrived in the Serengeti. 1.23 million animals going for a long walk.

No time to pose for a picture, we're migrating.

We see a pair of very large owls.

The second owl

A cheetah laying in tall grass.

The giraffes stretch up and eat the leaves that they can reach, giving a flat bottom to the tree's canopy

Hippos use unexpectedly small streams.

Acacia tree.

Hippo nap time

A breath-taking moment. 3 lionesses and 4 cubs do not rise from their naps as they lay 15 feet from the road.

Washing a dirty paw

These guys sleep about 20 hours per day

The dominant female is wearing a tracking collar as part of a local study of lion habits.

Tory guesses that the cubs are 8 weeks old.

The dominant lioness flops over so that a cub can nurse

The second mother nursing a cub. The third lioness does not have cubs.

Dominant female nursing two cubs. As we watch, the cubs wander back and forth, nursing on both lactating lionesses.

We love milk!

More nursing.

Cub #3 can't find room and after sulking a minute, goes to the other lioness for milk.

Big Mom with a collar.

Cub #3 nuzzles Mom affectionately.

Madonna and cubs

Sneaking under for a drink.

Lioness #2 providing sit-down dining.

Can we play with your tail, Mom?

Got Milk?

Giraffes look good on both ends

A calelabra tree at Oldipai.

Gorgeous bird. There are about 500 diffecent birds in Serengeti. Many are brightly colored.

Crowned cranes.

Dramatic landscape

Hyrax in a coptjke

Great birds

Wildebeast marching in straight lines.

Thompson's gazelles, favorite rood of cheetahs.

Vultures eating the remains of a wildebeast killed by a lioness earlier in the morning.

Our window on Tanzania for a week. We could also ride standing up and watch out of the sunshade pop-top

Elephant family.

An eagle

Baby elephant demonstrating her best trunk-work.

The matriach knocked over this tree as we watched. Her family crowded around to eat the fresh leaves.

Zebra and Wildebeast crossing a river

That striped thing on the beach is a crocodile, who is laying about 40 feet from where the migration is crossing the river.

The Croc watches

Kingfisher bird


Even really big cats love to climb trees. Lion.

Lion enjoying her high perch in the trees while others lay in the shade.

It is really cool up here.

Although we are often alone, a zillion jeeps come to see the lions in the tree

Hey, there are two lions in the tree!

Leopard in a tree

See the tiny fish in his beak?

Another hippo pool. These pools always had a huge variety of birds as well.

Egrets and Herons hanging out at the hippo pool

Elephant skull

Superb starling

Lobby of Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Typical trees

That dark line is a wildebeast parade in the Crater

Yipes, Stripes.

You can stand in the jeep with the sunshade up and have a terrific view.

We have good luck on the Crater floor.

Yes, it is Puumba.

Another great hippo hole. They had very babies. The adults were rolling over and waving their feet in the air.

This heron was pestering a hippo that was getting too close to the grass clump that contained her next.

Hundreds of pink flamingos in the crater.

Pink flamingos!

Many Puumbas

Proud male ostrich.

Rhino in N. Crater

Crown crane displaying his wing markings.

Egyptian geese.

Lilac Roller. N Crater.

Lilac Roller

Elderly bull with huge tusks

Quinine tree

It is a serval!

Crowned cranes on the wing.

Hunting serval. N Crater

Are you looking at me?

A year-round spring in N Crater. One of the reasons that this area does well in a drought.

Do you like my horns?

Cape Buffalo.

Dining room at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge.

Crater view from Sopa Lodge. This was perched on the drater rim, a 20 Km drive on a narrow muddy road.

Ngorongoro Sopa lodge.

An enormous white slug, shaped just like a Calif. banana slug. All our guide could tell us was "Nobody eats them"

To reach the lodge, one drives up through beautiful tropical forest on the slopes of the volcano.

Sunset over Ngorogoro Crater from Sopa Lodge

Sunset over Ngorogoro Crater from Sopa Lodge

Olmoti Crater Waterfall

Olmoti Crater Masai Village

Masai Cows

Masai cattle on the move.

Sopa Hotel

We see many tributes to President Obama on signs, in art, on T-shirts. etc.

A tin-smith's shop

Typical housing

Gibb's farm

Gibb's farm

Gibb's farm

Our bedroom at Gibb's farm

The Living Room of our cottage at Gibb's Farm

It rained frequently, much to the delight of all living things. This area has been in a drought for 8 years.

This is the local technique for creating a bee hive. Honey was used in the kitchen at Gibb's

A really huge red grasshopper

The restroom has a great view at Gibb's farm.


Coffee beans

Veggies at Gibb's Farm.. They grow the food for the dining room

Coffee fields at Gibb's

A library building project in the town near Gibb's Farm